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Meg + Justin: Omni Bedford Springs Resort Wedding

So, this is so long overdue that is it kind of ridiculous.  Meghann and Justin were married at the GORGEOUS Omni Bedford Springs Resort in Bedford, PA.  This place is a dream – both for weddings and to just visit.  They were planning on an outdoor wedding ceremony, but unfortunately it began to rain.  We were able to get a few outdoor shots of the bridesmaids before the rain started, but that was about it.  You know how sometimes when an original plan doesn’t work out, you can actually tell?  That was not the case here.  The indoor location for the ceremony was absolutely perfect.  Perfect lighting, perfect setup, and it felt like it was the plan from the very beginning.  While the location is beautiful no matter where you are; in guest rooms, the spa, the foyer, or the ballrooms, I think a lot of this had to do with the amazing care and attention that Bryan Stiffler gave to every last detail and ensuring everything was perfect.  (It might be worth considering having your wedding here just so you can work with Bryan…)

But back to Meg and Justin!  Meg looked stunning in her gown.  She wore it strapless for the ceremony and then attached the halter strap for the reception.  These two are just so perfect for each other.  We got some pictures of them together without seeing each other before the ceremony, and it was like you could feel the anticipation throughout the entire room.  They held hands around the door, and I was definitely not the only person in the room tearing up (ahem…. Anita…..).  When Justin finally saw Meg coming down the aisle, he couldn’t have had a bigger smile on his face.  Some people seem nervous on their wedding day, but Meg and Justin just seemed incredibly happy and in love.  My face hurt from smiling at them so much, and if you look at the picture from right after the ceremony, as they are leaving hand in hand, you can really feel their happiness.  How can you not smile at that?

You guys are so awesome and were just so amazing. Thank you so much for having me there to celebrate with you.


Thanks to Kenny Newman for second shooting, Carmen Rodas for assisting, and the Omni Bedford Springs Resort staff for being so wonderful and helpful!

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