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Where I grew up, everyone had senior pictures taken in the summer before their senior year of high school, or in the fall of their senior year.  I was really looking forward to developing a large portion of my business doing senior portraits.  After talking to some of the girls I coached in rugby, though, I found that seniors very rarely have their portraits taken outside of school in Northern Virginia, and that many seniors and their parents don’t even know that it is an option available to them!

The schools in the area do require that a student’s yearbook picture be taken in school, but aside from that one picture, the rest is up to you!  Enter Miranda – a rising senior who agreed to let me take her senior portraits and help me spread the word that you DON’T have to have the same boring school photos as everyone else your senior year!

We went to the historic area of Leesburg for her shoot, and here are some of my favorites:

This was on the steps of the old courthouse.

Walking by the Government Center, we stopped to get a few shots on this bench.

We wanted to “make” a 2012, so we used strings of seeds that had fallen from the trees.  I promised Miranda I would make them pink in editing 🙂

While this is too close to tell, we used some of the huge columns outside the courthouse for some of the shots.

I LOVE iron fences like these, and this shot is definitely one of my favorites!

Miranda – I hope you and your mom had fun!  Thanks for letting me take your senior portraits and for being my “ambassador” to help spread the word!  I really appreciate it.


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Quick Pic – Mr. and Mrs. Wallin

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Autumn is a friend of a friend, and I couldn’t be happier that she contacted me about taking her engagement and wedding photos.  Her fiance, Fredrik, is from Sweden and his family is flying in for the wedding in February. We met at Cabell’s Mill, which is also where they are having the wedding.  It was GORGEOUS.  I couldn’t believe I had never been there before, but after seeing it, I am SO excited for their wedding.

Family means a lot to them, so instead of traditional engagement photos, they decided to include their family in the shoot.  Here are some of my favorites:

I love this one.

Cabell's Mill Family Shot

Foard Family

Autumn is so happy!  She looks gorgeous 🙂

Winter Path

Cabell's Mill Winter Path

Beautiful bride to be!

Autumn - Cabell's Mill

Autumn got her sisters matching rings – showing their bling.


Such a cute moment!  (Autumn’s family is standing just out of the picture, “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing”)


And now they are “ooh-ing” and “ah-ing” even more 🙂  How cute are her parents???

Parents Bench

Family photo on the bridge.

Family on the Bridge

Men making manly poses…

The Guys

Fredrik is brushing Autumn’s hair out of her face – they couldn’t be any cuter!

Cabell's Mill Creek

Thanks guys for a wonderful and fun morning!

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Quick Pic – Autumn and Fredrik

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I hope everyone had a great holiday season!  I got to spend some of mine with these two lovely ladies (these were all shot with my new 50mm – thanks Mom!):

eKate photography

Rachel was not too happy about taking a Nintendo break to get her picture taken.

eKate photography

Look at those eyes!

eKate photography

eKate photography

They have some black and white photos that are out of date, so I had to include some new black and whites.  Look at this cheeser!

eKate photography

Lauren’s eyes pop even without color!

eKate photography

Strike a pose!

eKate photography

Having fun in the attic.

eKate photography

Okay now look at your sister like, “What the heck are you doing?!?”

eKate photography

Now look at your sister like, “What are YOU doing?!?”

eKate photography

Either Lauren is squeezing too hard, or Rachel is growling at me.  I think she was growling…

eKate photography

Retake minus the growl 🙂

eKate photography

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Angela and Paul – Engagement Photos

Angela and I are both from the ‘burgh, but we met in college at JMU.  She and I lived together one year and played rugby together – oh MWR how I miss you!  Angela is best known for her nickname (which I won’t mention) – a nickname she totally did not deserve to get, but was so funny it stuck anyways.  I think my best memory with her (other than rookie night) is when we both had to drive home to Pittsburgh for winter break and there was a HUGE snowstorm.  81 was not plowed at all, and I think at our fastest we were probably going 25 mph.  The few other cars we saw were mostly in snowdrifts on the side of the road (I’m not lying).  After hours of attempting to drive, we ended up stopping in Martinsburg, WV for the night.  We found a hotel that actually had the parking lot plowed, and we were able to trek through knee-deep snow over to Pizza Hut, which was the only restaurant open.  We tried to mix whiskey (sorry parents!) and hot chocolate packets in the coffee mugs in the hotel room (mixed with our toothbrushes because we didn’t have anything else).  It was pretty disgusting – I don’t recommend trying it.  It was such a crazy day but so fun, and I don’t think I will ever forget it.

Paul went to JMU too, and is also a Madison Rugby alum.  At least in my mind, Paul is best known for yelling AWKWARD at the top of his lungs at inappropriate times.  I’m pretty sure that he could make anyone laugh if he tried.  Paul and I have become much better friends and he always keeps me up to date on local politics and entertainment news.  If I hear about something going on in the news, and I don’t have the whole story, I know he will.  Paul is actually doing most of the wedding planning, and he blogs about it here.  Paul is also my go-to person for social networking questions or random thoughts.

When they told me they were engaged, I couldn’t have been happier (although they hadn’t gone “Facebook public” so I couldn’t go around telling people).  They are some of our best friends and Bart and I are so lucky to have them in our lives.  Thanks for letting me take your engagement photos.

Here are some of my favorites:

Friends and family can view their full album here.

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Name/Word Prints

This started as a craft project.  I had gotten tickets to the Redskins-Steelers game as an anniversary gift for Bart a few years ago.  I was buying them from a friend, and planned to “run into” her while Bart and I were at the grocery store (a grocery store we don’t normally go to).  I claimed I owed her money from something rugby related, and THAT was why I was handing her $140 in cash while in the checkout line…  Sketchy, right?  (and SBJ, you definitely didn’t make things any LESS sketchy).

Anyways, with this massively awkward attempt to hide something, and because I thought Bart knew SBJ had season tickets, I was positive he knew what his gift was.  Last minute, I decided to try to throw him off by making a name sign of our last name.  He loved it.  (I kept waiting for him to seem disappointed or confused, but it turns out he had no idea I had bought Redskins tickets.  I had gotten all stressed out for nothing, but what else is new…)

We hung our name sign up, and every time someone noticed it, they would either say they wanted one or that I should sell them.  Well, now I do!  It is kind of a fun side item for me, but I thought the holidays were a perfect time to offer them.  Here is what I wrote in my Holiday Newsletter:

Searching for that special gift?

Why not a customized name or word print?
These are available in black and white,
neon, or primary colors.  Pricing depends
on the number of letters and the print size,
ranging from desktop accessory to poster
size.  A 7-letter word in black and white (a
10″x30″ print size) is only $40!

Orders can be placed with me directly and
picked up in Fairfax in only 4 business days.
If you don’t mind waiting 7-14 days, you can
have your order shipped directly to an
address of your choice, with no shipping
!  Options such as framing,
mounting, and gift packing are also

Is your creative mind spinning?
Feel free to contact me to see if what you
are imagining is possible!

If you are interested in ordering, you can contact me.

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Quick Pic – Angela and Paul

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Molly and Kevin – Engagement Photos

Molly and I met in college when she started playing rugby (some of you may know her as “German Molly”).  We both ended up in DC, but could never seem to meet up.  Molly jokes that she buys all of her friends, so she said she hired me so we could hang out. 🙂

Molly told me that she and Kevin met contra dancing.  A group of friends went together and Molly wanted to go back but no one else did.  They had just met, but Kevin agreed to go back with her.  How cool is that?

It was great to reconnect with Molly and to meet Kevin.  They were engaged at Tarara Winery so we went back there to take engagement photos.

These are some of my favorites:

At the entrance to Tarara:

The outdoor bar had wine descriptions that we borrowed for a few photos:

On the way back up from the lake:

In the trees by the lake:

I told them we were going to fake a “stolen moment” and after I shot a few, I heard Kevin tell Molly that she was beautiful.  Awesome, right?  I thought so too, which is why I yelled, “Aw!  It IS a stolen moment!”  This is the result:

Near the entrance to the tasting room:

Yay!  We’re done with photos!

Thanks Molly and Kevin – I had a great time and hope you did too!

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