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Katy & Shamena – DC Wedding Photography

Katy and Shamena were married over a year ago in DC, and their wedding photos have been published in other blogs, but not mine yet! So long awaited, here they are.
Katy played rugby for NOVA Women, while she was in the States a while back, but our playing didn’t overlap. We had a few mutual rugby friends, though. Katy happened to see wedding photos I had posted of another rugby couple and decided to contact me about her own wedding. I’m so happy she did. Katy and Shamena traveled from the UK to be married in DC.  You won’t see the photos here, but these two have a hilarious sense of humor that is completely my style (I may or may not have a picture of Katy covering up part of a statue engraving to make it seem like the word actually says “ERECT”). I tell people all the time that I become friends with a lot of my clients and I really feel like that is true. Thanks for being my friends, Katy and Shamena!!!

The two of them were married at Marriage, DC in Dupont by the always wonderful Tiffany Newman. (I highly recommend her!). This happened to be the day of a torrential downpour. We are talking flooded streets, closed roads, storm sewers over flowing, etc. Basically the day was perfect. You can tell by their faces that this was tons of fun and they were perfectly happy, and would have been no matter the weather. I truly enjoyed getting to know them and trekking through the monsoon with them.


Look at their beautiful red outfits!





They were photobombed by someone familiar…








I’m always kind of excited when couples want a picture with me (and they invited me to join in the celebration since my “time on the clock” was up).
Thanks ladies and congratulations again, over a year later :)

Thank you to Jon Fleming for assisting me in the downpour!!!

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So it has been more than a year, but it feels like it was yesterday that Em and Rich were married. They had a gorgeous wedding in Pittsburgh with the ceremony at St. Bede’s Catholic Church and the reception at the Grand Hall. I grew up with Emily and she is still one of my closest friends. I don’t think I will EVER stop telling stories of when we went camping together in Hershey. Anyways, her wedding was lovely, as expected, and here are some of my favorite pics!



















I love you Emmy!

Thanks to Manny Nguyen for second shooting!

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Alicia and Geoff were married in front of their close friends and family, followed by a reception at Ristorante Renato, right in downtown Fredericksburg. These two were referred to me by a friend (thanks again, Jen!), and after going down to Fredericksburg to meet them and look at the church and restaurant, I knew I would really enjoy photographing them. They were laid back, trusting, and again were more concerned about the people there to celebrate with them than the “details.” Not only did we get a group picture outside of the church of EVERYONE in attendance all together (I travel with a ladder as my 5’2″ self is not cutting it), we stopped after finishing the couple’s portraits, and guests/families came out one by one to get individual pictures with the bride and groom. We were able to get pictures of the bride and groom with every single person at the wedding, and it was organized, easy, and quick.

Their reception was lots of fun, with the cousins serenading the couple and the couple having activities for the tables to complete. This was such an awesome, fun wedding. You could see their personalities in all of it, it was simple and down to earth while still interesting and lively, and people (myself included) had a wonderful time. Congratulations Geoff and Alicia!


Thanks to Andrew Fritz for second shooting!

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This is so overdue. Erin and Sheara were married at the American Swedish Historical Museum last summer. After getting ready, we walked around for portraits across the field in front of the museum. There was a Phillies game that day, so tailgaters were out in full force. Two of them offered to move so we could get a picture, then offered their congratulations and some beer to the brides, which was kind of awesome, even if they were Philly fans. We went back into the museum before guests started arriving. The brides had most of the guests go upstairs and view the ceremony from the balconies above, while family sat below. Erin and Sheara both walked down staircases facing each other, escorted by their fathers, and met in the middle. After the ceremony, everyone moved outside onto the front grounds for food and dancing. Another rugby wedding, there were lots of familiar faces and everyone had such a good time. You can read about it more over on 4realequality weddings.

Arts Club of Washington Wedding
Arts Club of Washington Wedding
Arts Club of Washington Wedding
Arts Club of Washington Wedding
Arts Club of Washington Wedding
Arts Club of Washington Wedding Look at these jokesters getting pictures of me taking pictures.
Arts Club of Washington Wedding A wonderful kazoo exit.
Sorry this is so late, but thanks for having me. I had a great time!

Venue: American Swedish Historical Museum
Florist: Amaranth Florist

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This bride and groom contacted me because they had seen Molly and Mel’s pictures, also from a wedding at the Arts Club of Washington (I just love love love shooting at the Arts Club. I already can’t wait for my next wedding there). I’m so happy that they did. This wedding was full of the brightest colors and most beautiful flowers. The couple was very specific about two things: their guests and their flowers. They wanted as much candid photography as possible, and were really focused on their guests, which was fine by me. They told me, “We’d prefer to focus on photos of people, and don’t need the typical wedding blog photos.” Amazing. My favorite shots are always of people laughing, and I just love the ones of the two of them together with her cracking up. Thanks to you two and your families for having me at your wedding. It was so much fun and I truly enjoyed being there. It is so great to work for a couple who is laid back and still knows what they value. I’m sure you have a long happy marriage ahead of you and I hope you had a wonderful honeymoon!

Glen Echo Wedding
Glen Echo Wedding
Glen Echo Wedding
Glen Echo Wedding
Glen Echo Wedding
Glen Echo Wedding
Glen Echo Wedding
Glen Echo Wedding
Glen Echo Wedding

Venue & Catering: Arts Club of Washington
Flowers & Day of Coordinating: Elegance and Simplicity
Ceremony Music: Mark Brandt Trio
DJ: DCVibez
Cake: Patisserie Poupon
Tent: Capital Party Rentals

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I’ve known Rachel and Rosie for a long time now. I met Rachel while she was playing rugby for UVA and I was playing for JMU. I met Rosie (who played rugby for Penn State) when all three of us played for the Mid-Atlantic U-23 team (which is also where Rachel and Rosie met each other). This was such a fun wedding. I won’t write too much, because their story has been published multiple times. (also here, here, and here among other places).

What I will say is that you two are inspiring, fun, exciting, extraordinary, a great couple, and your happiness is infectious. Thanks for having me there!

Glen Echo Wedding
Glen Echo Wedding
Glen Echo Wedding
Glen Echo Wedding
Glen Echo Wedding
Glen Echo Wedding
Glen Echo Wedding
Glen Echo Wedding
Glen Echo Wedding

Thanks to Jennifer Davis Heffner with Vita Images for second-shooting!

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Stephanie and Chris got married on their dating anniversary, which happened to be a Tuesday. They rented a house where the entire family could stay, and since all of their guests (their immediate families) were going to be there all week, why not get married on their anniversary (one date to remember, and a date that has meaning BEFORE the wedding – pretty cool!)?
The wedding was short and sweet, and the simple ceremony and celebration were gorgeous. This post is almost a year overdue, so happy almost first anniversary, Stephanie and Chris!

Northern Neck Virginia Wedding
Northern Neck Virginia Wedding
Northern Neck Virginia Wedding
Northern Neck Virginia Wedding
Northern Neck Virginia Wedding
Northern Neck Virginia Wedding
Northern Neck Virginia Wedding
Northern Neck Virginia Wedding

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Maryland Wedding – Victoria + Kenneth

Last summer, I was lucky enough to photograph the wedding of Victoria and Kenneth.  A friend had passed on an email from another friend, asking if I was available to photograph a special and fast approaching wedding.  Victoria and Kenneth planned to be married, but Kenneth’s cancer was progressing rapidly.  They decided to plan the wedding quickly, and with a lot of help from some great friends and family, they were able to pull together a beautiful day.

If that wasn’t enough, the day of their wedding temperatures shot through the roof.  The power had gone out in huge portions of the city, and their wedding venue told them the morning of that there was no power, and the wedding would have to be held somewhere else.  If you ever wonder if brides and grooms sometimes get lost in all the details and lose track of what is most important on their wedding day, some of them do.  Victoria and Kenneth did not.  The hotel where all of their guests were staying agreed to let them get married in the breakfast room.  They put up curtains to block other guests from entering, friends set up a buffet where the hotel would usually set out a continental breakfast, and the DJ set up on a table in the back corner.  Victoria was still all smiles.  She just wanted to marry Kenneth.

When I met Kenneth, his smile might have been bigger than Victoria’s.  He was laughing, joking, and making some of the funniest facial expressions.  He seemed to lighten up the room, and everyone around him.


I love this set of pictures – it helps show Kenneth’s fun personality. RizzoColes-2

Victoria looks so happy!  Nothing could bring them down and rightfully so – the day was absolutely perfect. RizzoColes-24 RizzoColes-14

One of VIctoria’s bridesmaids made Kenneth a Cowboys cake.  I cringed when I saw that (Steelers fan here!), but what a surprise! RizzoColes-3 RizzoColes-20

You can see so much love between the two of them in these looks. RizzoColes-19

I’m so thankful I had the chance to meet Kenneth and to share such a wonderful day with the two of you, your families, and your wonderful friends.  You two have something very special, and everyone can see it.

Sadly, Kenneth recently passed away on February 2 of this year.  When Victoria told me, I asked her if it would be okay to write this post, and she gave me the following to include:

“He is wonderful, we were over the moon happy. We thought our wedding was perfect. We cherished every moment we had.
We lived every vow. We both knew how much we each loved the other.
He was beyond good looking – so cute.

He had a great smile and laugh – always a gentleman. Always treated me like a queen – I was the most important person to him. We brought out the best in each other.”



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Molly + Mel – Arts Club of Washington Wedding

Before I get into wedding details, I just want to write a little bit about Molly and Mel.  When I first started playing rugby with NOVA (which is actually celebrating its 30th anniversary tonight!), Molly and Mel both helped me out.  These two are great people; the kind of people you wish there were more of walking around.  They are both absolutely brilliant, funny, caring, and fun to be around.  Even though I don’t get to see them very often (as is the case with almost all of my friends), I want them to know what a privilege it was to be at their wedding.  Mel might roll her eyes at this, but you two really are special, both individually and as a pair.  Seeing you two together makes me so happy!

Molly and Mel were married at the historic Arts Club of Washington.  The I Street Mansion was formerly the home of President James Monroe.  The Arts Club has monthly, rotating exhibits and is one of over 25 clubs like it around the world.  Members of these clubs are able to visit the other locations and even stay overnight at those with accommodations.  Unfortunately for me, I don’t think I would be able to make all of the dinners, lunches, and make use of the amenities it offers, or I would already be a member!

The wedding was gorgeous and stylish.  Mel’s dress was J.Crew and Molly’s was Augusta Jones.  They had coordinating custom clutches by SylSyl on Etsy and Molly’s fascinator was by Tessa Kim.  They encouraged guests to dress for the garden party wedding with hats and fascinators, and their guests enthusiastically obliged.  This was a gathering of some truly fabulous people.  The ceremony was beautiful and the reception was a blast.

This was my favorite seat in the entire building (yes, I had a favorite):

The girls got ready next door at the Hotel Lombardy, another historic building.  It has a very distinct 1920′s style that I loved, and was totally fitting for this wedding.  Molly and Mel got ready together with some of their friends.  They just wanted a relaxing day before the wedding, so they hung out, drank some champagne, and Skyped with friends who couldn’t make it in person.


Their colors and details were so bright, cheerful, and personal.


Check out those lovely flowers by Artisan Lily!  I can’t remember the name of these roses, but they essentially have three centers.


We were able to get some portraits done in the back garden where the ceremony was held, and then we moved inside before the guests arrived.


Above is my favorite picture, taken in a beautiful bay window upstairs, looking out over I Street.




Cocktails were upstairs while the garden was changed over for dinner.  After dinner, the party moved inside with some dancing!




Thank you both so much for having me as your photographer!

Thanks to Kenny Newman for second shooting with me.

Venue and Catering
The Arts Club of Washington (Washington, DC)

Fluffy Thoughts (McLean, VA)

L’Artisan Lily (McLean, VA)

Men’s Attire
Sarno and Sons at Hannelore’s Bridal Boutique (Alexandria, VA)

Mel’s – J.Crew Silk Cotton Estate Gown
Katie – JCrew “Sophia” Dress in Silk Tricotine
Molly – Augusta Jones “Tia” in Ivory Silk Charmeuse

Hair and Makeup
The Red Door Spa by Elizabeth Arden at the Willard Intercontinental Hotel 

Clutches – Molly and Mel – SylSyl on Etsy, Katie – SimplyChicJewels on Etsy
Molly’sFascinator – “Josephine” fascinator by Tessa Kim

Engagement – Mel’s – Vintage,  Molly’s by Brilliant Earth
Wedding – Both by Brilliant Earth

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Meg + Justin: Omni Bedford Springs Resort Wedding

So, this is so long overdue that is it kind of ridiculous.  Meghann and Justin were married at the GORGEOUS Omni Bedford Springs Resort in Bedford, PA.  This place is a dream – both for weddings and to just visit.  They were planning on an outdoor wedding ceremony, but unfortunately it began to rain.  We were able to get a few outdoor shots of the bridesmaids before the rain started, but that was about it.  You know how sometimes when an original plan doesn’t work out, you can actually tell?  That was not the case here.  The indoor location for the ceremony was absolutely perfect.  Perfect lighting, perfect setup, and it felt like it was the plan from the very beginning.  While the location is beautiful no matter where you are; in guest rooms, the spa, the foyer, or the ballrooms, I think a lot of this had to do with the amazing care and attention that Bryan Stiffler gave to every last detail and ensuring everything was perfect.  (It might be worth considering having your wedding here just so you can work with Bryan…)

But back to Meg and Justin!  Meg looked stunning in her gown.  She wore it strapless for the ceremony and then attached the halter strap for the reception.  These two are just so perfect for each other.  We got some pictures of them together without seeing each other before the ceremony, and it was like you could feel the anticipation throughout the entire room.  They held hands around the door, and I was definitely not the only person in the room tearing up (ahem…. Anita…..).  When Justin finally saw Meg coming down the aisle, he couldn’t have had a bigger smile on his face.  Some people seem nervous on their wedding day, but Meg and Justin just seemed incredibly happy and in love.  My face hurt from smiling at them so much, and if you look at the picture from right after the ceremony, as they are leaving hand in hand, you can really feel their happiness.  How can you not smile at that?

You guys are so awesome and were just so amazing. Thank you so much for having me there to celebrate with you.


Thanks to Kenny Newman for second shooting, Carmen Rodas for assisting, and the Omni Bedford Springs Resort staff for being so wonderful and helpful!

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