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School Photo Series

Every few days, I’m going to share a reason school photos so often end up disappointing kids and parents alike.

Want to add to the list? Show me examples by posting on my facebook page or post to instagram and tag me in comments! @ekate_photography

Reason 1 – Glasses glare.

A kid with glasses will usually run into one of two scenarios: photographer at school says nothing, and photos come back with glare visible OR photographer at school is aware of glare, and begins to instruct student to turn head this way, then that, then lower your chin two inches, push your glasses up .75 inches… By the time the picture is taken, the student usually looks and feels incredibly awkward (and also self-conscious), but hey! No glare!

How do you avoid this? Set the light to the side/above/not directly in front of glasses. This is as easy as avoiding red eye, but harder to correct when it does happen. A photographer who takes the time to adjust the light angle and position while letting the student remain comfortable and confident is what you need here.

Got glare? eKate Photography’s School Picture Makeup Day to the rescue! November 4th from 12pm-2pm in the eKate studio.

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Drop In Saturday!

Do you just need a few images to update your kids’ photos? Are you not sure you’re ready to jump into a full professional photography session? Do you want summer themed prints, or better yet, magnets of your kids to pass out to friends and family you are visiting this summer?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, I have your solution! Stop by my studio between 1:00pm and 6:30pm this Saturday to take advantage of my special. NO SESSION FEE! Just drop in and we are ready to go! You’ll get a few shots, see the proofs right away, and be able to purchase prints, cards, or image files right then and there (cards/prints will be available for pickup on another date).

Sample prices:

Single 5×7 image file – $20

Set of 25 double sided cards with envelopes – $55

Magnets – $8

No appointment is necessary, but please call or email if you have questions!

571-408-9223 – – 10370A Democracy Lane Fairfax

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Happy New Year!

Just wanted to wish all of eKate Photography’s friends a very happy and prosperous 2017! We look forward to working with all of you and capturing your special moments this year!

Contact us at for any of your portrait needs!

Happy New Year's from eKate Photography Happy New Year’s from eKate Photography

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‘Tis the season…

All images are © eKate photography.

… to get some family portraits done!

Do you have family coming to visit you for the holidays?

Why not capture those precious moments with a family portrait? Erin will be able to fit in one morning portrait session on Friday, December 23 and one morning portrait session on Saturday, December 24.

These sessions are available on a first come, first served basis. Portraits can be taken at the eKate Photography studio, or done in the comfort of your own home if you are local to the Fairfax, VA area.

For more information on this opportunity, contact Erin ASAP at

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My wonderful, hilarious, and cat-loving friend Molly contacted me about taking pictures of her as a gift for her husband. Did she go the normal, expected route and do something revealing? That depends on what your definition of revealing is… we did a shoot of just Molly and her two pet cats. She originally sent me links to Buzzfeed lists of ridiculous photos of people with their pets saying that this was the inspiration. I took that as tacky, weird, slightly uncomfortable, and hilarious. I think we accomplished what we set out to, and I doubt anyone could have done this as well as Molly did. What do you think?



My first attempt at creating a laser background…


After kind of getting the hang of making lasers in Photoshop, I couldn’t resist…

These are just a few of the bunch, and it was really hard to choose because they were all funny in their own way! This was hands down my favorite shoot to edit all year. Thanks Molly!

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2012 Photo Shoot Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Brenda for winning the 2012 Photo Shoot contest!!

Thanks to everyone who entered and voted, and remember even those of you who didn’t win can still take advantage of a free 8×10 print if you book a session with me in 2012.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season, and a very Merry Christmas.

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Fairfax Portraits – Megan = Beast

Megan got in touch with me months ago (thanks for the referral, Patch!) about having a photo shoot in November after she finished up the Lean Eating program from Precision Nutrition.  She didn’t want to just do your average, every day portraits, but wanted something more active and athletic.  I asked her for information about the program and this is what she had to say:

The program I am doing is called Lean Eating, through the Precision Nutrition website.  It’s a year-long program that helps people become more lean through exercise, nutrition, and daily lessons on healthy living.  Everyone is assigned a coach, and then the cohort of women who are working with that coach can communicate through online forums.

She pretty much loves the program, calling it “super-awesome” and said these photos were a way to cap off the experience and commemorate it.  Now Megan is in the running to win some major cash for having the best transformation.  Please help her out by going to this website and voting for her before December 6 (she is finalist #2):

Megan was nice enough to come out my way so that I wouldn’t have to leave the babies for too long.  We shot at a local high school, and these are some of my favorites:

^creative direction by Kaitlin Joerger on this one.

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Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

I am late in posting this, but Bart, Calvin and I went to the Rally… well, kind of.  We tried to, but couldn’t hear/see anything on stage.  That’s okay, though, because this was some of the best people watching I have ever done, and I LOVE to people watch.  (I also like to make up conversations for the people I am watching, but that is a different story…)

I really liked this sign, and the woman holding it wasn’t yelling or doing anything else to draw attention to herself – she even held the sign mostly in front of her face.

No Winking

This is one of my shots of the crowd.  I jumped up on a brick wall, but still wasn’t tall enough to shoot over some people.  For some reason I thought the Begin Bike Route sign in the middle of this massive crowd was hilarious.  I don’t know why, but it is still making me laugh.

People, people everywhere!

There was this group of dancing robots that I took a series of.  This is my favorite, though, because I caught the one girl with a huge grin.


I have most of the photos posted on Facebook, but you can also view them here.

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My mother-in-law is the president of the Northern Virginia Swim League and also a member of Woodley Pool.  She asked if I would be interested in shooting a few swim meets, and I jumped at the chance, of course!

The first meet I found much more challenging than I expected.  It took me a while to get used to the timing of things.  What I found is that while I expected cleaner, neater strokes from the older kids (thinking that this would give me a better chance at getting a nice shot), some of them never take a breath!  That ended up making it more difficult to get faces – especially with freestylers.  For the most part, I set up on one side of the pool, and while I moved back and forth length-wise, it was hard to book it around to the other side of the pool in time to get a shot.  For some of the strokes, this was fine, but again with the freestylers, if they always turned to the opposite side to breathe, I had some trouble.

The other thing I ran into with this, and with other sporting events I have shot so far, is what photos to keep/post because the parents and kids will like them, and which ones probably aren’t the best to post even though I really like them (hands coming out of the water, cleats on the ground running, and other shots with no faces in the frame).

Here are two swim shots that I think are pretty successful in both counts – I think parents of and kids in the shots would like them, and I like them myself (splashes are always cool!).

Woodley Swim Meet 7/24/10 Woodley Swim Meet 7/24/10

To view the rest of the shots from both meets, click on view portfolio below this post and click on sports.

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Hello world! (edited)

WordPress told me that this is my first post and that I could edit it.  Edit, I did.  Woohoo.

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