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I don’t even know what to write in this post. Maren is one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life (and I’ve met a lot). She is beautiful inside and out, a true individual, and incredibly caring. She is understanding, accepting, extremely solid in her faith, and she doesn’t judge those who aren’t any of these things. She is really the kind of person who makes you want to be better at everything that you do. I wish she lived closer so that we could see her all the time, but luckily our families were together in South Dakota last summer and I was able to take her senior portraits then. We love you Maren!

We went out the night before and did some night shooting.

Then shot at the University of South Dakota:


I spotted this mural the day before and knew we had to use it.




The rest of these were taken at Valiant Vineyards:




Maren is also a photographer! Check her out: Maren Christine

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I’m excited to announce that this month I am running a contest to win a free photo shoot!  Anyone can enter, and you can use the shoot for family portraits, engagement photos, headshots, or whatever you like (within the bounds of the law and good taste)!*  All entrants need to write a little paragraph about themselves and why they should win the free shoot.  Then, I will post all the entrants here on my blog.  Voting will be held for ten days, and whoever gets the most Facebook “likes” wins!  The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve.

Anyone who enters but doesn’t win the free shoot can still receive a “prize” in the form of a free 8×10 print if they book a session with me in 2012.

I will be accepting entries this week until the end of the day on December 9.  To enter and to receive more details about the contest, email me at  Please include your name(s), best way to reach you, and your blurb to be posted on the blog.  Make sure to state why you want photos and why you should win!


*Winner will receive credit for a free 2 hour photo shoot to be used in 2012.  Date and time are subject to my availability.  Shoot location will be worked out between myself and the contest winner, but will be local.  No more than 10 people in the shoot if you are entering as a family or group.  If you have any questions about this, feel free to email me.

Visit this page to view the entries and vote!

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Northern Virginia Senior Portraits

These are two of my favorite shots from a senior portrait shoot this past weekend.  I didn’t know how much walking I would be up for, so we spent most of the time at Ox Hill Battlefield Park.  I always drove past this little park but never stopped to check it out until about a week ago.  I walked the path that goes around the entire park, reading all of the history described on the markers along the way.  It seems so small for such an important place, and I’m glad I finally know more about it.  If you are ever over by Fair Lakes or Fair Oaks Mall, you should stop and check it out – only takes a few minutes to cover the entire circle:

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Where I grew up, everyone had senior pictures taken in the summer before their senior year of high school, or in the fall of their senior year.  I was really looking forward to developing a large portion of my business doing senior portraits.  After talking to some of the girls I coached in rugby, though, I found that seniors very rarely have their portraits taken outside of school in Northern Virginia, and that many seniors and their parents don’t even know that it is an option available to them!

The schools in the area do require that a student’s yearbook picture be taken in school, but aside from that one picture, the rest is up to you!  Enter Miranda – a rising senior who agreed to let me take her senior portraits and help me spread the word that you DON’T have to have the same boring school photos as everyone else your senior year!

We went to the historic area of Leesburg for her shoot, and here are some of my favorites:

This was on the steps of the old courthouse.

Walking by the Government Center, we stopped to get a few shots on this bench.

We wanted to “make” a 2012, so we used strings of seeds that had fallen from the trees.  I promised Miranda I would make them pink in editing 🙂

While this is too close to tell, we used some of the huge columns outside the courthouse for some of the shots.

I LOVE iron fences like these, and this shot is definitely one of my favorites!

Miranda – I hope you and your mom had fun!  Thanks for letting me take your senior portraits and for being my “ambassador” to help spread the word!  I really appreciate it.


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