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Quick Pic – Angela and Paul

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Molly and Kevin – Engagement Photos

Molly and I met in college when she started playing rugby (some of you may know her as “German Molly”).  We both ended up in DC, but could never seem to meet up.  Molly jokes that she buys all of her friends, so she said she hired me so we could hang out. :)

Molly told me that she and Kevin met contra dancing.  A group of friends went together and Molly wanted to go back but no one else did.  They had just met, but Kevin agreed to go back with her.  How cool is that?

It was great to reconnect with Molly and to meet Kevin.  They were engaged at Tarara Winery so we went back there to take engagement photos.

These are some of my favorites:

At the entrance to Tarara:

The outdoor bar had wine descriptions that we borrowed for a few photos:

On the way back up from the lake:

In the trees by the lake:

I told them we were going to fake a “stolen moment” and after I shot a few, I heard Kevin tell Molly that she was beautiful.  Awesome, right?  I thought so too, which is why I yelled, “Aw!  It IS a stolen moment!”  This is the result:

Near the entrance to the tasting room:

Yay!  We’re done with photos!

Thanks Molly and Kevin – I had a great time and hope you did too!

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Quick Pic – Molly and Kevin

Molly and Kevin @ Tarara

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