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Jen & Caroline – DC Engagement

Here is another engagement post that is long overdue. I’m getting ready to blog about their wedding and have to post this first!

Jen (SBJ – I don’t think I have ever called her Jen) and Caroline had their engagement shoot in DC around the Tidal Basin, the Lincoln Memorial, and the National Mall. They brought along their adorable (and surprisingly not uncooperative) dog Chimi.

I love these shots from either side of the bridge.


Chimi joined the party!

And this is my favorite of all three of them by the water.

I can’t wait to post more images of these two from their gorgeous and amazingly fun wedding. Look for those soon!

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Kathy & Doff – Hirshhorn Engagement

Since I am getting ready to blog their wedding, I thought I had better catch up and blog their engagement shoot from a while back.

Kathy and Doff had part of their first date at the Hirshhorn, so that is where we went to do a very quick engagement shoot one weekday morning.

This is hands down my favorite museum.


I love all of the bold, graphic text. (By Barbara Kruger, Belief+Doubt)

(Right image) Kenneth Noland American, b. Asheville, North Carolina, 1924–2010
Acrylic on canvas

Usually I know right away whether I prefer an image in color or black and white, and most times I shoot the image knowing what I want and intending it to be either color or black and white. I happen to love both versions of this.
Paul Jenkins American, b. Kansas City, Missouri, 1923–2012
Phenomena Reverse Spell, 1963
Synthetic polymer on canvas

Morris Louis American, b. Baltimore, Maryland, 1912–1962
Delta Theta
Magna on canvas

These images have been published on multiple other wedding blogs already, but I wanted to finally publish them here. Their wedding photos will be coming soon!

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We went to Old Town Occoquan, VA for this engagement shoot with Kim and Travis. It was a little chilly at times, with some snow still on the ground in places and parts of the river frozen, but these two were troopers and looked great! We wanted to balance out all of the outdoor pictures so we got permission to shoot at Rockledge Mansion. The owner actually came by and opened it for us to use the inside! If you haven’t been there, you need to go.

Kim and Travis – thanks for hanging in there in the cold and I can’t wait to shoot your wedding this fall!



It was a little too shaded under this overpass. Reflector to the rescue and we had great light!


This is in the ballroom space of Rockledge Mansion. The room looked gorgeous with gold and white chairs and had great soft light coming in through the windows. This is basically the same shot with two very different exposures, but I loved them both and couldn’t post only one!

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Alexandria Engagement – Eva and Ian

I’m REALLY excited to share this for a few reasons.  1. Ian and Eva are JMU Dukes.  2. They were completely laid back about their shoot.  3. They insisted on stopping for a beer AND getting a shot of them in Murphy’s. 4. They were up for a sunset/night session.

Ian and I met our freshman year at JMU where we were both in the same dorm.  Then, he joined Theta Chi and became a fraternity brother of my then future husband.  I didn’t meet Eva until I ran into them at another wedding that I happened to be second shooting last summer, but I’m pretty sure we would have had a lot of fun if we had known each other at JMU. Aside from being fun and having good taste in beer, these two are also champion Cards Against Humanity players.

They wanted to do their shoot in Old Town, because they spent a lot of time there together and Eva spent a good amount of time there while growing up in the area.

OldTown Sunset Engagement

They got a few stares while we were shooting these ones on the dock, because people walking by only saw Ian and Eva posing (I was pretty far away).  And yes, Eva is sticking her tongue out at him.  OldTown Sunset Engagement

“Look how cool this tree is! I’m gonna hang on it.”  “Please don’t. That’s not a good idea.”  Can you guess who said what? OldTown Sunset Engagement

I think their style is pretty perfectly summed up by looking at their shoes (and, who doesn’t love shoes?). OldTown Sunset Engagement OldTown Sunset Engagement

Pit stop at Murphy’s!

OldTown Night Engagement OldTown Night Engagement

My favorite pictures of the night ^


If this awesome shoot wasn’t enough, I got to witness Eva’s creative bowling technique afterward.  Thanks guys – can’t wait for the wedding!


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I’m excited to announce that this month I am running a contest to win a free photo shoot!  Anyone can enter, and you can use the shoot for family portraits, engagement photos, headshots, or whatever you like (within the bounds of the law and good taste)!*  All entrants need to write a little paragraph about themselves and why they should win the free shoot.  Then, I will post all the entrants here on my blog.  Voting will be held for ten days, and whoever gets the most Facebook “likes” wins!  The winner will be announced on Christmas Eve.

Anyone who enters but doesn’t win the free shoot can still receive a “prize” in the form of a free 8×10 print if they book a session with me in 2012.

I will be accepting entries this week until the end of the day on December 9.  To enter and to receive more details about the contest, email me at  Please include your name(s), best way to reach you, and your blurb to be posted on the blog.  Make sure to state why you want photos and why you should win!


*Winner will receive credit for a free 2 hour photo shoot to be used in 2012.  Date and time are subject to my availability.  Shoot location will be worked out between myself and the contest winner, but will be local.  No more than 10 people in the shoot if you are entering as a family or group.  If you have any questions about this, feel free to email me.

Visit this page to view the entries and vote!

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Pittsburgh Engagement Photos – Meg and Justin

So this post has been a long time coming (which I will explain in a later post), but I met with Meghann and Justin at North Park for their engagement shoot. We were there early, but let me tell you, that place gets CROWDED. We found lots of fun spots, but sometimes it required some effort to not get a biker or runner in the background of every shot (who doesn’t want random men in spandex and VERY short shorts in all of their engagement photos, right?).

I have known Meg since 2nd grade and it was so great to catch up with her while we were walking around the park. Justin was a really good sport putting up with all of my chatter about who from our childhood was doing what. After so many years, I am so honored to be a part of Meg’s (and Justin’s!) special day. I can’t wait for the wedding!

Here are some of my favorites:


Sorry this took me so long to post guys!  Looking forward to your wedding this spring :)

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Autumn is a friend of a friend, and I couldn’t be happier that she contacted me about taking her engagement and wedding photos.  Her fiance, Fredrik, is from Sweden and his family is flying in for the wedding in February. We met at Cabell’s Mill, which is also where they are having the wedding.  It was GORGEOUS.  I couldn’t believe I had never been there before, but after seeing it, I am SO excited for their wedding.

Family means a lot to them, so instead of traditional engagement photos, they decided to include their family in the shoot.  Here are some of my favorites:

I love this one.

Cabell's Mill Family Shot

Foard Family

Autumn is so happy!  She looks gorgeous :)

Winter Path

Cabell's Mill Winter Path

Beautiful bride to be!

Autumn - Cabell's Mill

Autumn got her sisters matching rings – showing their bling.


Such a cute moment!  (Autumn’s family is standing just out of the picture, “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing”)


And now they are “ooh-ing” and “ah-ing” even more :)  How cute are her parents???

Parents Bench

Family photo on the bridge.

Family on the Bridge

Men making manly poses…

The Guys

Fredrik is brushing Autumn’s hair out of her face – they couldn’t be any cuter!

Cabell's Mill Creek

Thanks guys for a wonderful and fun morning!

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Quick Pic – Autumn and Fredrik

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Angela and Paul – Engagement Photos

Angela and I are both from the ‘burgh, but we met in college at JMU.  She and I lived together one year and played rugby together – oh MWR how I miss you!  Angela is best known for her nickname (which I won’t mention) – a nickname she totally did not deserve to get, but was so funny it stuck anyways.  I think my best memory with her (other than rookie night) is when we both had to drive home to Pittsburgh for winter break and there was a HUGE snowstorm.  81 was not plowed at all, and I think at our fastest we were probably going 25 mph.  The few other cars we saw were mostly in snowdrifts on the side of the road (I’m not lying).  After hours of attempting to drive, we ended up stopping in Martinsburg, WV for the night.  We found a hotel that actually had the parking lot plowed, and we were able to trek through knee-deep snow over to Pizza Hut, which was the only restaurant open.  We tried to mix whiskey (sorry parents!) and hot chocolate packets in the coffee mugs in the hotel room (mixed with our toothbrushes because we didn’t have anything else).  It was pretty disgusting – I don’t recommend trying it.  It was such a crazy day but so fun, and I don’t think I will ever forget it.

Paul went to JMU too, and is also a Madison Rugby alum.  At least in my mind, Paul is best known for yelling AWKWARD at the top of his lungs at inappropriate times.  I’m pretty sure that he could make anyone laugh if he tried.  Paul and I have become much better friends and he always keeps me up to date on local politics and entertainment news.  If I hear about something going on in the news, and I don’t have the whole story, I know he will.  Paul is actually doing most of the wedding planning, and he blogs about it here.  Paul is also my go-to person for social networking questions or random thoughts.

When they told me they were engaged, I couldn’t have been happier (although they hadn’t gone “Facebook public” so I couldn’t go around telling people).  They are some of our best friends and Bart and I are so lucky to have them in our lives.  Thanks for letting me take your engagement photos.

Here are some of my favorites:

Friends and family can view their full album here.

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