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Katy and Shamena were married over a year ago in DC, and their wedding photos have been published in other blogs, but not mine yet! So long awaited, here they are.
Katy played rugby for NOVA Women, while she was in the States a while back, but our playing didn’t overlap. We had a few mutual rugby friends, though. Katy happened to see wedding photos I had posted of another rugby couple and decided to contact me about her own wedding. I’m so happy she did. Katy and Shamena traveled from the UK to be married in DC.  You won’t see the photos here, but these two have a hilarious sense of humor that is completely my style (I may or may not have a picture of Katy covering up part of a statue engraving to make it seem like the word actually says “ERECT”). I tell people all the time that I become friends with a lot of my clients and I really feel like that is true. Thanks for being my friends, Katy and Shamena!!!

The two of them were married at Marriage, DC in Dupont by the always wonderful Tiffany Newman. (I highly recommend her!). This happened to be the day of a torrential downpour. We are talking flooded streets, closed roads, storm sewers over flowing, etc. Basically the day was perfect. You can tell by their faces that this was tons of fun and they were perfectly happy, and would have been no matter the weather. I truly enjoyed getting to know them and trekking through the monsoon with them.


Look at their beautiful red outfits!





They were photobombed by someone familiar…








I’m always kind of excited when couples want a picture with me (and they invited me to join in the celebration since my “time on the clock” was up).
Thanks ladies and congratulations again, over a year later :)

Thank you to Jon Fleming for assisting me in the downpour!!!

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