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Last summer, I was lucky enough to photograph the wedding of Victoria and Kenneth.  A friend had passed on an email from another friend, asking if I was available to photograph a special and fast approaching wedding.  Victoria and Kenneth planned to be married, but Kenneth’s cancer was progressing rapidly.  They decided to plan the wedding quickly, and with a lot of help from some great friends and family, they were able to pull together a beautiful day.

If that wasn’t enough, the day of their wedding temperatures shot through the roof.  The power had gone out in huge portions of the city, and their wedding venue told them the morning of that there was no power, and the wedding would have to be held somewhere else.  If you ever wonder if brides and grooms sometimes get lost in all the details and lose track of what is most important on their wedding day, some of them do.  Victoria and Kenneth did not.  The hotel where all of their guests were staying agreed to let them get married in the breakfast room.  They put up curtains to block other guests from entering, friends set up a buffet where the hotel would usually set out a continental breakfast, and the DJ set up on a table in the back corner.  Victoria was still all smiles.  She just wanted to marry Kenneth.

When I met Kenneth, his smile might have been bigger than Victoria’s.  He was laughing, joking, and making some of the funniest facial expressions.  He seemed to lighten up the room, and everyone around him.


I love this set of pictures – it helps show Kenneth’s fun personality.RizzoColes-2

Victoria looks so happy!  Nothing could bring them down and rightfully so – the day was absolutely perfect.RizzoColes-24RizzoColes-14

One of VIctoria’s bridesmaids made Kenneth a Cowboys cake.  I cringed when I saw that (Steelers fan here!), but what a surprise!RizzoColes-3RizzoColes-20

You can see so much love between the two of them in these looks.RizzoColes-19

I’m so thankful I had the chance to meet Kenneth and to share such a wonderful day with the two of you, your families, and your wonderful friends.  You two have something very special, and everyone can see it.

Sadly, Kenneth recently passed away on February 2 of this year.  When Victoria told me, I asked her if it would be okay to write this post, and she gave me the following to include:

“He is wonderful, we were over the moon happy. We thought our wedding was perfect. We cherished every moment we had.
We lived every vow. We both knew how much we each loved the other.
He was beyond good looking – so cute.

He had a great smile and laugh – always a gentleman. Always treated me like a queen – I was the most important person to him. We brought out the best in each other.”



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