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The answer to that is, mostly, staying in bed. First and foremost, I want to say that I am not complaining (although I do like to complain sometimes). Bart and I have been blessed with a fraternal, boy/girl twin pregnancy. Neither of us has any twins in the family so this was completely unexpected.

So far, the pregnancy has been a little rough. Just like with my first pregnancy, I had hyperemesis. This is like morning sickness on steroids. Basically it ended up with three hospital stays, not eating anything for over 3 weeks, losing 25 pounds, and having to get a PICC line put in.  This was so I could receive medication and TPN, or what they call a “milkshake in a bag.”  Let me tell you, this is nothing like a milkshake.  If we happened to spill any of it, it smelled like a bag of garbage that had been baking in the the trunk of someone’s car for weeks, and beyond that, when would you ever choose to BYPASS your mouth if you had a milkshake?  Ridiculous.  Every time someone said “milkshake in a bag” I wanted to slap them.  I would have, but I didn’t have any energy to lift my arm since I hadn’t eaten in weeks.

So that was about the first half of pregnancy, then I started to gain weight back and was finally able to get the line removed from my arm (oh and this entire time, they told me I couldn’t lift more than 5 pounds with the line in my right arm – makes it kind of hard to take care of a toddler, right?).  I had about a nice month before I was told I had SPD (no, that is not an STD – after my husband messed up the letters while talking to people, I started to just say I had a separated pelvis).  Now, I am on bedrest.  Both babies are healthy and BIG, especially for twins.  I don’t know yet when I will deliver, but it will be sometime in the next few weeks.

So it has been an exciting yet bed ridden spring and summer that has unfortunately required me to turn down a lot of job opportunities as well as miss a lot of DC SMUG meetings.  I’m sorry to anyone I wasn’t able to work with because of the uncertainty of my situation or because I was physically unable at the time, but thank you so much to everyone who has been so understanding and supportive!  We are almost there :)

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