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This started as a craft project.  I had gotten tickets to the Redskins-Steelers game as an anniversary gift for Bart a few years ago.  I was buying them from a friend, and planned to “run into” her while Bart and I were at the grocery store (a grocery store we don’t normally go to).  I claimed I owed her money from something rugby related, and THAT was why I was handing her $140 in cash while in the checkout line…  Sketchy, right?  (and SBJ, you definitely didn’t make things any LESS sketchy).

Anyways, with this massively awkward attempt to hide something, and because I thought Bart knew SBJ had season tickets, I was positive he knew what his gift was.  Last minute, I decided to try to throw him off by making a name sign of our last name.  He loved it.  (I kept waiting for him to seem disappointed or confused, but it turns out he had no idea I had bought Redskins tickets.  I had gotten all stressed out for nothing, but what else is new…)

We hung our name sign up, and every time someone noticed it, they would either say they wanted one or that I should sell them.  Well, now I do!  It is kind of a fun side item for me, but I thought the holidays were a perfect time to offer them.  Here is what I wrote in my Holiday Newsletter:

Searching for that special gift?

Why not a customized name or word print?
These are available in black and white,
neon, or primary colors.  Pricing depends
on the number of letters and the print size,
ranging from desktop accessory to poster
size.  A 7-letter word in black and white (a
10″x30″ print size) is only $40!

Orders can be placed with me directly and
picked up in Fairfax in only 4 business days.
If you don’t mind waiting 7-14 days, you can
have your order shipped directly to an
address of your choice, with no shipping
!  Options such as framing,
mounting, and gift packing are also

Is your creative mind spinning?
Feel free to contact me to see if what you
are imagining is possible!

If you are interested in ordering, you can contact me.

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