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Angela and I are both from the ‘burgh, but we met in college at JMU.  She and I lived together one year and played rugby together – oh MWR how I miss you!  Angela is best known for her nickname (which I won’t mention) – a nickname she totally did not deserve to get, but was so funny it stuck anyways.  I think my best memory with her (other than rookie night) is when we both had to drive home to Pittsburgh for winter break and there was a HUGE snowstorm.  81 was not plowed at all, and I think at our fastest we were probably going 25 mph.  The few other cars we saw were mostly in snowdrifts on the side of the road (I’m not lying).  After hours of attempting to drive, we ended up stopping in Martinsburg, WV for the night.  We found a hotel that actually had the parking lot plowed, and we were able to trek through knee-deep snow over to Pizza Hut, which was the only restaurant open.  We tried to mix whiskey (sorry parents!) and hot chocolate packets in the coffee mugs in the hotel room (mixed with our toothbrushes because we didn’t have anything else).  It was pretty disgusting – I don’t recommend trying it.  It was such a crazy day but so fun, and I don’t think I will ever forget it.

Paul went to JMU too, and is also a Madison Rugby alum.  At least in my mind, Paul is best known for yelling AWKWARD at the top of his lungs at inappropriate times.  I’m pretty sure that he could make anyone laugh if he tried.  Paul and I have become much better friends and he always keeps me up to date on local politics and entertainment news.  If I hear about something going on in the news, and I don’t have the whole story, I know he will.  Paul is actually doing most of the wedding planning, and he blogs about it here.  Paul is also my go-to person for social networking questions or random thoughts.

When they told me they were engaged, I couldn’t have been happier (although they hadn’t gone “Facebook public” so I couldn’t go around telling people).  They are some of our best friends and Bart and I are so lucky to have them in our lives.  Thanks for letting me take your engagement photos.

Here are some of my favorites:

Friends and family can view their full album here.

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