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My mother-in-law is the president of the Northern Virginia Swim League and also a member of Woodley Pool.  She asked if I would be interested in shooting a few swim meets, and I jumped at the chance, of course!

The first meet I found much more challenging than I expected.  It took me a while to get used to the timing of things.  What I found is that while I expected cleaner, neater strokes from the older kids (thinking that this would give me a better chance at getting a nice shot), some of them never take a breath!  That ended up making it more difficult to get faces – especially with freestylers.  For the most part, I set up on one side of the pool, and while I moved back and forth length-wise, it was hard to book it around to the other side of the pool in time to get a shot.  For some of the strokes, this was fine, but again with the freestylers, if they always turned to the opposite side to breathe, I had some trouble.

The other thing I ran into with this, and with other sporting events I have shot so far, is what photos to keep/post because the parents and kids will like them, and which ones probably aren’t the best to post even though I really like them (hands coming out of the water, cleats on the ground running, and other shots with no faces in the frame).

Here are two swim shots that I think are pretty successful in both counts – I think parents of and kids in the shots would like them, and I like them myself (splashes are always cool!).

Woodley Swim Meet 7/24/10Woodley Swim Meet 7/24/10

To view the rest of the shots from both meets, click on view portfolio below this post and click on sports.

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